Startup@Nansha Programmes

To encourage more innovative and promising technology startups using Nansha as their springboard into the Greater Bay Area regions, the Startup@Nansha programmes are designed to provide expenditure subsidies incurred by startups in Nansha during their early growth stage from 1-20 employees.

NSYEH Tech Startup Incubation

The NSYEH platform offers a modern co-working environment + startup incubation services to help founders comfortably and quickly settle-in Nansha and focus on the growth of their core business. Tech startups that are successfully admitted into our programme are offered a 2 years incubation period with subsidies of up to RMB31,200. In additional, the incubatees also enjoy discounted rates for office/lab space and other shared facilities.

Technology Seeding Programme (TSP)

The TSP programme is a funding programme for Associate Professors or accredited technology experts to bring their R&D project onto the NSYEH platform, with the eventual goal towards commercialisation success. Each project admitted into the TSP programme shall be offered up to RMB700,000 over a course of 3 years to subsidise their research, productisation and commercialisation expenditures in Nansha.